At the service centre of INOMOTOR company more than 3000 engines made by different manufacturers have been repaired, varying from 2 cyl. motorcycle engines to 12-cyl. BMW, Mercedes and Lamborghini.
Engine disassembly Preparatory In a diagnostics shop

     The technology of disassembly, fault detection and assembly of engines is completely clear for us. These operations are done according to special technoligic cards, where details' sizes, torque moments and other necessary information is stored.
      Furthermore, the company has complete information about repair and calibrating of all existing engine types. 

Hummer after repair Repair of engines sking Repair of engines of auto trucks

     The approximate index of repair works (making up the total price) for full engine rebuilding includes:

     Works, which found out to be necessary while fault detection of the engine, other works not listed above, and spare parts are payed separately.

     Repair lasts 2~4 weeks (depends on spare parts delivery).

     Warranty - 6 months .

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