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   We are glad to introduce you INOMOTOR company. Our company is the leading one among Russian factories of cars', industrial, agricultural machinery or special vehicles' both petrol and diesel engines reconditioning. The company has been professionally rebuilding engines, repairing engines' components since 1991. We are able to repair any engines as well as engines' components with the quality of original manufacturers. The company has the only American-European engines rebuilding factory in Russia, equipped with special professional machine tools from USA, Germany and Italy. It equals world level and meets DIN ISO 9002 standard requirements.

Acceptance Panorama of the shop Free diagnostics details

      At our service centre we can perform repair of any difficulty of petrol or diesel engines made in any country. Everything concerning repair, engines' parts processing and spare parts ordering is uncursed by the company, saving the time and money of our clients.

      After the repair INOMOTOR company applies warranty to all works done, which (warranty) in case of engine rebuildingis 6 months long without milage (kilometrage) limit. During this period 3 control services are performed by the firm, so that the warranty is supported in operation.
      At our service centre leading specialists perform checking and calibrating of engine managing systems: ignition and fuel feed systems.
      On the basis of our experience of sport car engines exploitation we offer preparation VAZ engines for cross race, hippodrome, rally.

      A special feature of our company is using the newest technologies, and it allows us to provides the highest possible quality of engines rebuilding and engines' parts repair - engine blocks, crankshafts, heads, conrods etc.
      We offer a full complex of engines'parts repair and rebuilding services, including  the complete cycle of machining.

Honing section Installation of sockets in blocks Milling section

      Engine block repair.     

      The company performs boring and honing of cast-iron and aluminium engine blocks using finish processing - platohoning.
      All operations are done according to the recommendations of the leading piston manufacturers - MAHLE and KOLBENSCHMIDT, resulting in the same cylinder surface roughness quality, as a new cylinder block has. We also have the machine for boring and honing of bearing housings in engine blocks and heads, and we do those works with the highest quality. In case of suspiction of head leakage, head and block leakage test is performed, and then welding of cracks both in cast-iron and aluminium blocks.

     Crankshafts repair.

      INOMOTOR company performs magnetic defectoscopie performing for crankshafts damaged in operation. It allows to pass for processing crankshafts with hidden defects and cracks. Besides that the company deals with correcting of crankshafts and camshafts linearity with accuracy below 0,01 mm, and also polishing of all jornals, including shafts from motorcycle, industrial or lorries engines. In case of shaft's excessive wearing, the company performs jornal electrocontact welding of steel band, which provides geometrical and hardness characteristics of  a new shaft.


Polishing of shaft
Leak-proof check section
Welding section
Block heads repair section
   Block heads.
      The company performs complex repair of engines blocks' heads, which allows to bring the condition of a head to the level of a new one by all the parameters. The repair includes valve's face repair, replacing and/or processing of valve seats, valve guides replacing, milling of the head plane, and also, if necessary, forecamers replacing for diesel engines. The most complicated work on head is welding of cracks with quality check by head leakage testing it in a special machine, and this work can also be

      Our equipment allows to check conrods geometry with extremely high accuracy, and to perfrom conrods repair making their geometrical parameters up to the normal ones. We recover any conrods of any type, including ones with schlitz sockets on their covers.

Repair sleeves axles of vehicles Welding of the block of cylinders of the engine Repair of engines of auto trucks
   Fuel equipment repair.     
      NOMOTOR company performs repair and adjusting of high pressure fuel pumps by such firms as BOSCH, Lucas, Zexel, Nippon Denso, Diesel Kiki and others. We have the test bench for check pumps parameters.

   Extension of the nomenclature of repair work.       
      We not only restore details of engines, but also constantly we expand the nomenclature of repair work, including on production of details, metal working and welding. For example, we restore barrels of bridges of auto trucks, and also we perform other similar works.

      Such way of engines rebuilding will save Your time and money , because there's no need to replace expensive components with new ones.
     We hope that our information would be of an interest for You, and our prices will be pleasantly surprising.

      We'd be happy to help You in solving of Your problems!


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